60mins - £50

Shiatsu is a Japanese massage where direct pressure is applied by the therapist through clothes using a combination of thumbs, fingers, palms, forearms, elbows, feet and knees. Stretches and rotations are incorporated into the treatment to relieve stiff joints and muscles and postural problems.
Shiatsu uses acupuncture 'energy' points but without needles. Instead finger and thumb pressure is applied to certain points targeted to alleviate specific conditions. Energy is moved around the body and can be brought into an area which is depleted using holding techniques. Alternatively energy can be dispersed when 'stuck' in one part of the body, e.g. to allow movement of the neck in all directions when previously range of movement was restricted perhaps due to sleeping awkwardly.
Shiatsu is given on a massage table.
Shiatsu promotes the natural healing process of the body. It also helps improve and balance energy levels, is good for relaxation, improves mood, aids sleep and relieves tension. Shiatsu can help to alleviate symptoms from a wide range of health issues.

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