Mummy MOTs

60min Session - £50
Thorough check up to prevent pregnancy-related pain such as lower back, SPD or pelvic pain as well advice on how to stay fit and healthy throughout pregnancy. Includes the creation of an exercise programme which can be adapted as your pregnancy progresses.

Women's Health Physiotherapy

General Session - £55
One to one advice and treatment sessions for pregnant and post-natal women. Suitable for all musculoskeletal-skeletal conditions such as neck and back pain, pelvic pain, wrist and knee pain. Also, continence and pelvic floor problems.

Physiotherapy with Acupuncture

General Session - £55
Treatment for all musculo-skeletal conditions such arthritis, neck and back pain, headaches, upper and lower limb conditions including Achilles problems, hamstring injuries, tennis/golfers elbow, shoulder pain or general muscle pain or tightness.

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