Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are used to provide volume, lift and to redefine. A fantastic treatment for restoring lost volume to the face, the back of hands and hydrating the decolletage. Dermal fillers are suberb at redefining the natural lip contours that become less prounced as we age. This causes our lipstick to bleed above and below the lip line.
What are dermal fillers.. Long gone are the days of collagen, as dermal filler technology has come on leaps and bounds. Todays dermal fillers are configured with synthetically derived hyaluronic acid (HA) cleverly matching our own skins concentration. HA draws surrounding water allowing skin to plump and hydrate. This creates a more youthful younger appearence. As HA is a natural substance within our bodies, a patch test is not required as a chance of a reaction is very low. The dermal fillers today allow our faces to move freely and express the way we always have done. Therefore in the hands of a good injector they are a fantasic tool for maintaining a very natural, fresh look. On average, depending what area is treated results usually last between 6-9 months.

Lip Augmentation - from £225
Tear Trough Treatment - from £400
Non-Surgical Nose Job - from £400

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