Chemical Peels

**Gentle Skin Peels**
Pumpkin Plus Definer
- Antiaging & hydrating
Lactic Clear Refiner - Brighten & refresh tired skin. Reduce fine lines. Great 2/3 days before an event.
Salacylic Pump Definer - Used to treat active acne. Effective at reducing blackheads & pustules.

Single treatment - £75 : Course of 4 - £250
OBAGI Blue Radiance - Tighter, Smoother, Brighter looking skin after one treatment.

Single treatment - £95 : Course of 4 - £350

**Prescription Strength Peels**
Mineral TCA
- Resurface the skin, removing excess pigmentation from sun exposure. There is significant peeling for about 3 days during which time new fresh skin is exposed & old, discoloured skin flakes off.
Single treatment - £160 : Course of 3 - £450
OBAGI Blue Peel - For patients who want dramatic results with less than an hour in-clinic.
Single treatment - £700

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